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Re: NewsCorp may buy Simon & Schuster

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Nice attempt to make the protesters worse than Cathy. Sorry, not buying it. I've worked for deeply homophobic companies; they eventually learned they must change or die. Chik-Fil-A needs some kind of wake-up call to prompt them to move on from the '50's. If we don't work every angle (including boycotts and protests) they will have no incentive to leave their hatefulness behind.
You completely missed my point. Of course I agree with you about homophobes; I'd be an idiot not to. But the kind of extremism you're engaging in is no more realistic or constructive than the extremism of people like Murdoch or that Chik-Fil-A owner. You're spreading your net of hostility so wide that it encompasses a lot of people who aren't to blame for the attitudes or choices of a few people a dozen steps higher on the corporate ladder. Hell, now you're even attacking me, even though I agree with your basic morals, just because I question your methods. That's not constructive in any way. Extremism in any direction is just part of the problem, not part of the solution.

So, is it wrong of me to decide not to contribute even one penny of my hard-earned money to people who hate me?
See, that's just the kind of blind, unfair generalization I'm talking about. There are probably millions of people working for companies that happen to be owned by moguls like Murdoch, and those people come from all stripes, all walks of life, all ideologies and ethnic groups and social classes and lifestyles.

And come on, you know how the moguls work. They give themselves raises and bonuses even when their corporations are tanking. The only people who ever feel any financial sting if their businesses do badly are the employees lower down, the people who are not to blame for what the moguls believe or do.
I don't terms of NewsCorp, its not just Murdoch the person that's evil...its the company as well that I have serious problems with. Chik-Fil-A might be run by homophobes, but its official policies have not been all that stomach churning. NewsCorp itself if problematic. I refuse to watch Fox entertainment because I'm horrifically appalled by Fox News. What that company has done to media across the board has been awful. I might not want to have a beer with Michael Eisner at Disney, but Disney does not regularly antagonize me with its behavior in the same way that NewsCorp does.

As a side note, I always found it amusing that DC Comics in the 80s modeled the revamped Lex Luthor and his company LexCorp off of Rupert Murdoch. It makes perfect sense that they guy has become the symbol of corporate evil. Also amusing that DC Comics would eventually be gobbled up by Time Warner, owner of CNN who's biggest competitor is NewsCorp and Fox News.
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