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Re: Brought to you by the letter "p" for "pedophilia"?

Professor Zoom wrote: View Post
It's sort of sad that you live in a world when someone suggests not rushing to judgement is a Holier Than Thou type.
Professor Zoom wrote:
Or MAYBE, just MAYBE he didn't fuck a 16 year old. Because MAYBE it wasn't true, and the guy would be in a shit ton of trouble if it could be PROVED his accusation was a lie.

But, no, it can't be that. We couldn't possibly live in a world where people are innocent. It's just easier to think the worst of people.

iguana_tonante wrote: View Post
Maybe they are just trying to confound us with their evil Sesame Street socialist conspiracy.
Yeah, what a crazy conspiracy. It's not like the first victim was paid a 6-figure bribe to recant his allegations or anything.
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