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Re: Sony's credit rating cut to "junk"...Implications for Spider-Man?

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Why would Sony get rid of Spiderman, it makes money for them.
It's not a question of the film studio getting rid of the Spider-Man franchise, but of the Sony corporation itself, a multinational conglomerate dealing in electronics and finance as well as film, television, and publishing, possibly selling off its entire entertainment division. The conglomerate as a whole is struggling for reasons having to do with the state of the Japanese economy, it needs to stop losing money, and selling off its entertainment division could bring it a lot of profit, as well as reducing its overhead because it wouldn't need to invest money in making movies/TV/etc. anymore.

So it's not specifically about one film franchise. The studio itself would be sold to some other huge conglomerate, and the rights to all its movie properties would presumably be sold along with the studio. Although some are speculating that the sale could give Marvel an opportunity to buy back the Spidey rights even if the studio as a whole goes to somebody else. I.e. they might make Sony a better offer for those rights alone than another studio would make for those rights as part of the entire package of Columbia Pictures and its intellectual property.
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