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Re: So we're undoing Indistinguishable from magic?

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^ Based on the answer I got to my question, it sounds like the TNG ongoing narrative goes directly from PoD to TPoM, though, which does screw over PoN and RtD.
What? That's not true at all. Paths of Disharmony ends in late October 2382. The main story of The Persistence of Memory begins in January 2384! That's a gap of fourteen months! Which, by the way, includes the events of The Struggle Within as well. The bulk of PoN/RtD fills in that gap, with RtD ending in October '83.

The answer you were given, as I recall it, was that PoD and TPoM were consistent with one another in terms of Geordi's character progression. Nothing was said about them immediately following one another.
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