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Re: Brought to you by the letter "p" for "pedophilia"?

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Also, it's less 'happy' about being right and more 'happy' that a holier-than-thou type was proven wrong despite the aforementioned obviousness.
Really? He is a "Holier Than Thou Type"? So, you've met him? You've watched a lot of interviews with him? Or is this just more of your "I'd rather be cynical" behavior? Or is ALL of the cast of Sesame Street a "Holier Than Thou Type?

Now that you mention it, Mr. Snuffaluggagus, he DOES get sorta preachy. Fuck that imaginary elephant.
The fact that you're clueless enough to not realize that you're the holier-than-thou one I was referring to kind of makes my point for me.
Yeah. I'm the holier than thou one... M'kay.

It's sort of sad that you live in a world when someone suggests not rushing to judgement is a Holier Than Thou type.

Doh! I did it again! GRRR, why can't I stop being Holier Than Thou!!!

Batman does not eat nachos.
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