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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Went and bought it for the PS3 (I'm not upgrading to Win7 just for a sodding game!) and so far it's a lot of fun! Into the third month and so far no deaths, two satellites launched, two more ready to go and a third being built. My strategy is to get as many of those thing in orbit as possible and to always go for the monetary rewards because money builds more satellites and satellites reduce the panic in any country you didn't help.

Just tazed my first glowy crystal alien and gained the ability to build labs, so I think it's time I focused on getting some better armour and beam weapons.

One question though: Exactly what is in the DLC pack that comes with the game? I typed in the code and all that jazz, but I didn't notice the original style xcom soldier in my initial line up. Am I missing something?
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