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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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but it will be a purchase that I am not really happy with.
You're already not happy with something you haven't bought and haven't seen?
Actually, first we have seen some materials from it. In fact we have material from it that were also in episodes of the first season. Even taking away quality from a still shot from the first season you have to degrade the image considerably to match the still from the 2nd season. And the images are compressed when they are released, but does the compression done from using a shot with the same ILM footage produce the same look as the stills released for season two? Not to my eyes. It' still falter, with more grays, less solid blacks, softer edges.

Early in posts I did try to use if, as a qualifier just in case the general quality of the stills was of a level significantly higher in compression then what was done for the bulk of materials released for season one.

But once we got a shot that had footage from ILM, you can use that for a direct reference point to then compare the how that compression compares to the compression on the stills released with ILM footage from season one.

With the audio issues of last season you could still get a normal quality level of sound, just not for your better sound systems, as it had multiple audio tracks of which only the higher end ones had errors on them.

If these hold, the special fx will be of a level of quality that while superior to the DVD or VHS releases or the original broadcast, still be a lower level then what was produced for the season 1 set.

That doesn't make me happy. Thus my statement that I wouldn't be happy about it, makes perfect logical sense.

Just be glad I didn't state I would be unhappy with it, it leaves me fairly ambivalent about the release (I only like 7 out of 22 episodes).

But I desperately want the rest of TNG released (as I love season 3, 4, and 5 and really like 6. Let alone other series down the road.

So I will purchase the set, even if In my opinion the quality of certain elements don't match those of the earlier release.

That leaves really only two possible options.

1. The quality of the stills is inferior to that of all the HD release materials put out for season one.


2. The actual quality produced by the different company is different then that of the company that did the fx of the first season.

Since I don't have any knowledge if Paramount is using a different agency to promote the release (which could explain the change in shots).

I will stick with the option 2, where we are aware of a difference in companies. Where we are aware of a different person overseeing the material. And where we know that person does have a style that actually is closer to the released materials then the style of the shots done for season one.

Does that explain it better to you? Or would you like a larger rationale?

I find nothing wrong with using all available data comparing it to all other data from the last set and seeing if there is a difference.
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