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Re: classic who anthology dvd box?

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I started with nuwho and would like to try some classic who. Is there something like a recommended "classic who best of" dvd box?
Not so much, most stories are released as individual Stories (Though some are released according to commonality). The first few Hartnells are together in a set. Check out this thread (The Last Classic Who you watched)

Many people select a story to watch because they really enjoy it, so, you'll find many good stories in that thread that are popular amongst fans

There's some fantastic stories in the Hartnell and Troughton eras, though, if you have trouble with padded stories, you're not likely to enjoy many of them. The color stories start with Pertwee Era, as does the first appearance of the Master (The Master is in quite a few Pertwee Stories). Tom Baker era is many American Viewers favorite era, as he was most exposed to us on PBS. Each era can be quite different from each other, with The Doctor and Companions and Producers and Writers changing every so often
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