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^Also notice how nobody was actually talking about the ending until he brought it up again? Nice.

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I'm sick of hearing that the ending ruins the game.

It's a weak ending but it doesn't ruin the most addictive three games of the PS3/360/Wii gen.
Well, ME3 doesn't have the kind of replay value of the previous two games due to its sidequest implementation, so the weak ending eliminates a lot of the incentive to replay the game.
For me the only thing that really hampers the replayability is the overtly linear structure. On the one hand, sure, it's a war story so certain things have to happen in order. I just wish you didn't have to wait until two thirds of the way through the game to get Tali and Ash/Kaiden. I'm honestly not bothered about the side missions. I mean the ones in ME1 were very generic and forgettable while the ones in ME2 were mostly just novelties. Which, yes is still better than the fetch quests, but I just don't miss them as much.

As it stands there's plenty of gameplay to be had just from the main missions and the optional assignments (Grissom Academy, Asari monastery etc.)
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