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"Yes, with regard to LTBYLB I was referring to the use of set as a turbolift demonstration. But you can see the red door (complete with Turbolift label, I believe) in several episodes when people exit the Transporter Room."
For my transporter room thread I did make an ongoing analysis and after "Elaan of Troyius" (production order) the door became red but there are no turbo lift labels above the door (opposite to the transporter room).

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"As regards to where a Turbolift should stop by a Transporter Room, I agree that it ought to be nearby - but the spot through the A-Frame is a better use of space (and has turned up there in other episodes too."
Please feel free to correct me, but thus far I'm only aware of three episodes where the turbo lift is visible behind the A-Frame:
"Charlie X"
"This Side of Paradise"
"Elaan of Troyius"
(I believe the door label opposite to the transporter room reads "Electrographic Analysis")

Starting with Season Two the 'back door' of the transporter room (set) became a new turbo lift location (e.g.: "Amok Time", "Wolf in the Fold", "Ultimate Computer").

By Season Three they went back to the original location at the end of the corridor (between the transporter room and sickbay set) like in this shot from "Day of the Dove" (crew heading from transporter room to nearest turbo lift):

(notice the fire hydrant socket on the wall. During the sword fighting later on, it gets kicked over...)

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