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Re: life-extension technology in Star Trek (or lack thereof)

That those conditions were NOT the general norm in Europe
Which is false - obviously, they were, at the time specified. That's what industrialization was all about. Just go have a look at the standard British or French "suburb" from the era.

and are not the general norm at the present time, and that's just accounting for Europe.
Which is doubly irrelevant, because the present day does not enter the picture, but such a form of habitation does remain the norm on many locations outside Europe.

I have not questioned whether those conditions existed AT ALL
This is exactly what you have been questioning all the time.

I say crowded conditions existed -> you say "bullshit". I say two people having sex in a crowded room is a likely scenario, as per well-known historical fact -> you say I'm imagining things. All in feeble attempts to sidestep the fact that the existence of the conditions and the scenario voids your original claim that Gideonite-like folks procreating would somehow be unlikely. That's simply ignorance of the history of sex speaking.

YOU made the claim that everyone, everywhere, lived like that at some point.
Well, in Europe, yes. In North America, yes. In Asia, yes. In Africa, yes. In Oceania, I sort of doubt it.

As said, crowding is a natural result of lack of infrastructure, so isolation results in crowded accommodations. A nomadic lifestyle, even more so. You just don't build separate rooms for having sex unless you live in luxury to start with. What do you imagine ancient habitats really looked like? Again, just go have a look - the nearest library can't be that far away.

People went outside to pee. They stayed inside to fuck. That was civilized behavior, the opposite was, well, the opposite.

rural areas are less densely populated than any time in their history.
Which in no way leads to spacious accommodations. Quite to the contrary, smaller housing arrangements will have to make do. Just go and have a look.

Timo Saloniemi
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