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Shouldn't turbolifts connect as directly as possible to the transporters? Runs from the bridge to the transporter room are among the most common and most important!

in LTBYLB was actually shown to be a working Turbolift!
Umm, are you sure? There was no turbolift connecting to a transporter room in that episode - it was sort of the point that the two clowns were unable to use turbolifts in their quest to reach the transporter room (supposedly because they jammed each other's rides with their telekinetic powers).

Or do you just mean that this part of the set was equipped with a red door and a turbolift sign, for the scene where Bele bursts out of the lift and tackles a crewman? That by default was "really" nowhere near a transporter room. And an odd turbolift exit point there would well fit the idea that the ride was cut short by jamming action. Plus, supposedly Bele exits at a relatively high deck, so that he's forced to travel by foot through decks 3-5 at least; a straight rather than curved turbolift-served corridor that high up is a welcome sight indeed...

The one thread-relating oddity in the episode was the instance of the crew lounge doors being ajar so that Spock could eavesdrop. Another example of the clowns using their jamming powers?

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