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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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He even said once that he was losing sleep worrying that his model would be proven wrong on election day.
The public attempts at wagering thousands of dollars on his results might have caused some of that sleep loss. He might have been worried some of the time, but there were at least a few periods where he was pretty confident.

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I have no problem with that as an idea, I just felt that the execution was lacking because we didn't spend enough time seeing Bashir working with the Jack Pack and witnessing his ego take over.
I think now maybe your gripe is more similar to mine than thought, because it they had shown more of the Jack Pack's work, it could have allowed us to see Bashir make the transition from skeptical to overconfident (which is I think what you're getting at) as well as given a more accurate/realistic portrayal of statistics. So I suppose makes you more right than me.

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Far Beyond the Stars (***)

Some of you may look at that score and think that it's a little on the low side for what some consider to be DS9's finest episode.
That score seems about right. This was my first time seeing this episode. The story of Benny was enthralling, and it was fun to see all the cast out of make-up. Avery Brooks gave an amazing performance.

But as Benny was being carted off, I looked at how much time was left and was surprised it was almost over, because I still didn't see how the story tied into Sisko's. At the end, I was still scratching my head trying to figure out the point, because it was sort of implied the prophets might have something to do with it. I didn't see what reason the prophets would have for giving Sisko that vision.

I was looking forward to your review hoping you'd point out something significant I'd missed. There was something I missed, but it wasn't significant. The fact that Sisko was considering quitting at the beginning of the episode didn't really even register. Once you mentioned it, I remembered that he said it, but I just thought he was venting. I didn't take him seriously, and I think you outlined well the reasons why.

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