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Re: I'm issuing new orders...

that's where my order to secure external communications during battles comes into play
Since when have they not been secured anyway? Uhura caught all the illegal transmissions in TOS; all the ones that evaded the attention of Picard's crew were on obscure alien channels, meaning it took even Data quite a while to pin them down - or were performed by personnel with legitimate access, such as Lore-posing-as-Data.

There are *so* many examples where this happens... Power Play and Dramatis Personae spring to mind immediately as good examples.
In both cases, killing all the heroes would have been an effective countermeasure. Raising an alarm when they separate themselves from their commbadges would have accomplished nothing.

Another GREAT example where this would come in super-handy.
Way too many false positives. It would take more than a department to keep track of where Dax goes in privacy. Perhaps that's why Lt. Primmin gave up his job?

But we don't throw away security precautions just because they wouldn't work on Q.
The catch is, they also would only work on Q. There isn't a competing scenario where an enemy would be capable of abducting a Starfleet officer in such a way that a "separated from commbadge" alarm-and-track would be the only or best countermeasure - and not be capable of defeating the countermeasure with ease. A quick in-and-out job involving teleportation of some sort is the one working scenario, and reaction time issues would thwart all tracking-based solutions.

Any enemy stupid enough to attempt the abduction without evoking the counter-countermeasures would be too stupid to care about commbadges in the first place; removing those already tells the audience that the enemy knows what he's doing.

Yes, but usually that decision is based on being possessed by an evil alien, or trying to sabotage something, or to evade security, or because the wearer of the badge is having the uncontrollable urge to murder Duras or Gowron. This is what I'm saying.
And said evading security, murder etc. should be allowed to happen, because the officer in question does know what he or she is doing. If he or she does not, then removing privacy is nowhere near a sufficient measure - what should be removed is Starfleet rank and privileges and personal freedom. Mind you, most of the above cases panned out very well indeed in the end; interfering would have led to a less desirable outcome.

for crying out loud, Starfleeters are members of a military organization. They have a uniform code, and the badge is a very important part of that code.
Exactly. If they can't be trusted to follow the code, tracking can't be considered even a half-hearted measure; it's more like sixteenth-hearted. What should be built into the badge is a poison dart that kills the wearer if removal is attempted!

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