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That also left me with one thing: I'm ugly. Sometimes I cry after accidentally looking into the mirror. I have to prepare myself mentally to look at that face, or I react to it very negatively. When people on a street laugh at something, I always think it's me and my horrible face. For years I didn't allow photos being taken of me.
This is something I still struggle with, though not to the same extent. Well, I've made strides in the past several years. I hope you find a way to form a more positive self-image.

I realise my perception is warped and I'm probably not as horrible as I imagine I am, and I try to fight this perception, but it helps little. So far I managed not to be so obsessed about it and not to spend evenings crying... that often.

Parents of my students, complaining that I don't smile and scare their children, don't help, though
Well I'm a bit biased because I love smiling and do so often, but I would encourage you to do so more as well!
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