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Re: Break The Bully

If you ask me, anyone who gets a kick out of bullying others does already have a severe brain damage..

Are you aware, Teacake, that you are trying to find excuses for your tormentors? You're falling back in the "it's all my own fault" stereotype. Don't! It's not your fault. It's their fault alone! They did not bully you because they already were on the way to being criminals, due to their social background. They became criminals because they started with bullying and then simply took it further.

A hard childhood / personal problems / poverty etc are no excuse for being or becoming an anti-social person (as imo bullies are). I've been massively mistreated and have grown up in poverty and still I've become a rather decent person with a sense for what's right and wrong. Nobody is forced by fate to become a bully. It's what they actively chose to be.
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