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How about we keep it simple and just do what people have done to bullies for years, pop them in the jaw. (I say this from personal experience.)
That works when it's only one bully and he/she is about your size. But what if you get bullied by a group, and if they are a good deal bigger and stronger than you are?
Yes of course it doesn't work most of the time. I was a very tiny, very near sighted, very introverted child. I was hardly going to pop a gang of boys in their jaws which is what I had to deal with on the bus.

I remember there was one girl who made my life hell, she was the classically super popular girl. One time I finally told a favorite teacher about her (this was in the third grade) and she made up a massive lie about me on the spot which was backed up by all her groupies. I remember being actually dumbfounded that someone had the audacity to lie like that and come up with it so instantly.

Of the boys that I suffered bullying from I know two were arrested for burning their father's house down, one was in a terrible car accident and ended up with severe brain damage (driving drunk) and one spent time in prison.

So it seems these people had some of their own problems.

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