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Re: Episode of the Week: When the Bough Breaks

At no point does anybody say, “Let’s put our heads together and try some creative problem solving.”
Anybody suggesting such a thing in a real child custody case would be asking for having his eyes gouged out or her face made over with acid.

The lights can be dimmed, you know.
...But that would remove a perfect excuse to retire from an inconvenient discussion.

Putting little children on hunger strike for reasons they can’t possibly understand is child abuse.
Well, everything is child abuse nowadays. In the future, they have probably developed a somewhat more rationalized system where abuse at level 4.7 is okay to counter abuse at level 4.8.

Wesley was surprisingly well written
Indeed. Are we in fact seeing a bona fide Wesley vehicle in motion here? The "utilizing the families" angle oddly suffers from the omission of said families (that is, the parents) from the entire process.

Timo Saloniemi
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