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yes, that's exactly the situation I was in: if I had told the teachers, I'd have been subjected to the revenge of the bullies and when I told my parents they just shrugged and said "well, then don't go anywhere near the bullies". They failed to tell me how I should achieve that, having to use the same bus and the same road from the bus stop to school.
In the end the prob was solved when one of the older pupils befriended me and the bullies were scared of attacking him as well since his mom was a well-known and influential person, but not all kids are that lucky.

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How about we keep it simple and just do what people have done to bullies for years, pop them in the jaw. (I say this from personal experience.)
That works when it's only one bully and he/she is about your size. But what if you get bullied by a group, and if they are a good deal bigger and stronger than you are?

Cyber-bullies are easier to handle. You just have to make them ridiculous, then they will get bullied themselves. Fortunately, cyber-bullies are often a bit stupid in my experience and hence easy to pwn.
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