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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

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Pardon my saying this, but 90% of writing is EDITING. That post (after the quote) is 6,004 words (I checked), which is almost 1/8th the length of Slaughterhouse 5, and 22 times the length of the Gettysburg address. It's 10 solid pages of 12 point single spaced text. Sheesh. Sum up!
Cool, but how much is the second one? Its a trifle produced in an hour or so, hammered out rather than hand-crafted. The Gettysburg Address is really short. The guy who spoke before Lincoln talked for a couple of hours. I think and Lincoln's speech was over before they hardly knew he started.

Actually it is edited and redacted, repeatedly (the proper term is endlessly). It took, I think about 7.5 hours to write. How much does it take you guys to read it, and do you get nosebleeds while doing so? Considering that I was jetlagged and have gotten about 7 hours sleep in the last 3 days I think its all turned out rather well.

Would this be the time to mention I've dabbled in script doctoring? Actually I usually slash text and suggest camera work and stage direction to convey the meaning. Writers hate that. "Once Upon a Time in the West" at 2h46m and 8 pages of script is a marvel. But that's a visual medium and I'm stuck with text and emoticons. Of course, there's always graphics (shameless plug):

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And Nick's words are wise as always. Doubleoh (Would be nice to know your real name) I guess I accidentally replied to an older post. My apologies.

Anyone who actually wants to be involved and help is always welcome. If only all this energy on this thread was put into helping one another.

Well, in a way I'm trying to help but I suspect I'm not quite getting through. In general, theories of communication blame the transmitter for failed communication rather than the receiver. So the blame is on me. Of course, there might be more to pass around for some of the earlier stuff. But that's water under the bridge, right?!

I'm all for this idea of detente thorough alcohol. But its got to be pints rather than a pint; make that liters rather than pints, we want peace in our time, damn it. But don't stand too near the dart board if I'm throwing, and no that's not because of the alcohol.

As for anonymity, it has its places. After working about 40 hours a week for almost two years supporting a 3D modeling team on a Trek project an ex-member pursued a campaign of libeling me to all the other people/groups we worked with and mutually knew, accusing me of ridiculous things. Ultimately, that was the end of that project for me and all the friendships. Its one of the things I regret, as only one person was at fault, but after weeks of being prodded I finally over-reacted.

So, many of us probably have good reasons for keeping our personal information secret from people we don't know well. Its very disappointing to have people hate your guts because of what you post (no, I don't mean the length!) but it happens all the time. You don't want them calling you or turning up at your house.

I know, I should have summed it up: Anon. good, revealed ID bad!
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