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Re: 70 years to the Alpha Quadrant?

False Profit is one of the worst episodes any Star Trek series not named Enterprise, I prefer to disregard it.

It's true they probably should have had a thirty second interchange in the pilot:

"Hey, what about the Bajoran wormhole? It's slightly closer."
"It's a risk that we will be able to get here and it will still be there. Besides, the moment we enter Federation space our risk factor decreases to almost zero and we can contact our loved ones and resupply at will."
"True. Much better to go directly to Earth."

Expecting that kind of thing from Voyager is like expecting a Star Wars prequel to get a character right. Why is it so hard to accept the information given to us by the show as the actual speed limitations of the ship? We give that kind of leeway for every other Trek.
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