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Re: Sayings that you hate now

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"Because you need it." <- the explanation given to me when I used to ask why I had to have extra time on exams at primary school or use a laptop to type instead of writing, etc. (It turned out to be because I have crap eyesight. I only discovered the full reason for this when I had to sign a form saying I had the syndrome that causes my multisensory impairment at age 18, and hadn't even heard of it...)
Wow...that's pretty bad for your parents not to inform you at a proper age (much younger than 18, for sure!) and let you be a real partner in your own accommodations!
Not to derail this thread, but I've seen worse. I knew a guy with Usher's Syndrome (a visual impairment condition where the vision field is simliar to looking through a peephole) who took driver's ed without knowing it. He almost got in an accident. His parents knew that he had vision impairments and chose not to tell him, even though he was already deaf...
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