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Re: I'm issuing new orders...

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Doesn't help much if the enemy has a camera pointed at the control panel of the computer that is doing the rotating, as in ST:GEN...
Ah, that's where my order to secure external communications during battles comes into play... Not every ship has a Geordi to worry about, and hopefully after Generations they made him tamper-proof.

...But then again, I'm not sure if shield rotation is a good thing. I mean, yeah, it slows down the Borg - but for all we know, it weakens the shields significantly overall, and since "normal" enemies apparently don't have the ability to rapidly alter their firing frequencies, shield rotation essentially amounts to aiding and abetting the enemy.
Except when the enemy matches your frequency precisely, to which the only reasonable response is to remodulate once.

It sounds a bit odd to prepare against your own crew starting a personal mutiny. I mean, if you suspect such a thing, wouldn't it be much more effective to just gun down the officer in question preemptively?
There are *so* many examples where this happens... Power Play and Dramatis Personae spring to mind immediately as good examples.

There are very few situations where taking off the commbadge is indicative of enemy action (say, the Klaestron kidnapping Dax from aboard the Starfleet-controlled DS9),
Another GREAT example where this would come in super-handy.

and even in those situations the computer would usually be helpless to accomplish anything useful (say, Q takes Picard off the ship; it's no problem for Him to stop alarms from going off).
Fair enough. I am willing to concede that it wouldn't necessarily work on Q. But we don't throw away security precautions just because they wouldn't work on Q.

In most situations, the officer removes the commbadge by conscious decision - and the computer and the Commanding Officer should respect that decision!
Yes, but usually that decision is based on being possessed by an evil alien, or trying to sabotage something, or to evade security, or because the wearer of the badge is having the uncontrollable urge to murder Duras or Gowron. This is what I'm saying.

It's not as if they provide realtime tracking or anything. Rather, our heroes check on the whereabouts of a fellow hero well "after the fact", and usually unsuccessfully... That as such isn't a major threat on privacy yet.
It's not like they make all Fed citizens wear them... for crying out loud, Starfleeters are members of a military organization. They have a uniform code, and the badge is a very important part of that code. And I do believe the ship tracks combadge locations in real time, in fact I'm sure there are logs of where people were at any given time, based on their combadge.

As the Captain of a starship, I have the right to know at any given time the location of any single person, be they crew or passenger, who is on my ship... It is my responsibility, in fact, to be able to find out in a moment's notice... in order to ensure the safety of everyone onboard. If this seems unreasonable to you, try sneaking into the cargo compartment on the next 747 you board and see how understanding is the captain on board in that situation.
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