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Re: Age old discussion, Star Trek vs. Star Wars

First of all, budget is irrelevant, audience size is irrelevant. If you use those as arguments you automatically declare Twilight as high art.

I prefer Star Trek, hard to say it's better. I could easily argue Star Wars is better. But, things Star Trek does better than Star Wars.

1) Greater variety of stories to be told in the universe
2) Better at moral philosophy, more nuanced in Star Wars you're just kinda either good or evil.
3) Universe is more expansive
4) Star Trek doesn't rely on planet-destruction to make you root against the bad guy.
5) The prequels.

Reasons Star Wars is better than Star Trek?

1) Less preachy
2) Star Trek is oversaturated, there's just so much of it a whole lot of it isn't very good
3) More straightforward entertainment, designed around action and adrenaline.
4) Relies less on technobabble and gadget-ex-machina.
5) Enterprise
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