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Re: Most unjustly hated episode

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Is The Royale hated? I love that episode, I remember finding it pretty creepy as a kid

I'd probably say A Night In Sickbay, I found the way people went mental about it pretty laughable. I could hardly even remember it from the first run of the show, and I caught it again a couple of years ago on a rerun and was like "so what?"
I get why people don't like it; but I always have appreciated the portrait of Archer as a man who did love his dog. And seeing how and why he got Porthos made it [the episode] passable for me.
Take away the diplomatic crisis and trouble to the ship as a result and the episode is a great character piece for Archer. By making the dog's illness be circumscribed by a mission threat Archer looks more a fool than anything else. It's a shame they didn't just have it be in the wake of a routine away mission, so Archer didn't seem a fool.
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