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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

89. Skyfall: A
90. Red Dawn (2012): B-
91. Dracula (1979): B
92. Dracula (2009): C+
93. Slither: B-

I liked the cast. What's not to like with Nathan Fillon as lead playing the town sheriff. Probably if I'd seen this when it came out Michael Rooker wouldn't have meant anything to me but I'm seeing it post-Walking Dead. Elizabeth Banks and Jenna Fisher also added to the fun of the cast. While the creature effects left plenty to be desired and were worthy of being called a B-film the actors carried the flimsy script probably better than it deserved. This is probably a C film but the actors helped in this case carry the film higher than it likely should.

My only real question coming out of this though is it's written and directed by James Gunn. The guy whose just be given Marvel Studio's very risky space team film Guardians of the Galaxy. I hope he's up for it, cause based on this film I'm going to have to fall back on "In Joss We Trust".
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