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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

^ You're not the only one with that reaction. Lot of the reaction so far seems to be underwhelming for the most part actually rather than outright hatred. I was perfectly ready to not like this as Slott basically was preparing us for this reaction...but as I said before the reveal was nicely set up. Slott clearly has a plan, and his writing is way better than Joe Q's was for One More Day or One Moment in Time, that is a big difference for me personally. Both those were pure crap writing wise. Oh and don't think Mephisto has been forgotten, because he's not been We're first issue into a three issue arc so I'm going to wait and see how Slott resolves...evolves this. We've just been given part of the puzzle, not the entire thing yet.

The preview pages for #700 fascinate me.
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