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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

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You still can't resist taking shots can you? You can't let it lie? You just have to claim "meltdown" on my part rather than "Sick of your arrogant bullshit". Something I continue to be. How insecure are you that you have to keep attacking me?
I think what he was trying to express was the whole conversation went weird, mucho pronto, and he had been laying all the blame on you and he was putting some back on himself. At worse he wasn't completely convinced, and found a way to point that out. This conflict-avoidance stuff takes some practice and doesn't work straight out of the box. The training wheels are on, try to avoid running into each other guys!

Part of what may be going on is that making fan films is often very hard, especially if you want the films to be good. It costs a lot of money, which most of us don't have in ready supply, and lots of cooperation, sometimes with people you just met. To get people's attention, you have to pull off Hollywood level efforts with no money and often little training (I'm not saying everyone, but probably everyone has some non-professionals on the team).

What about me? I have no film training in any capacity, and like a lot of people in the pre-production stage I just try to learn it all myself. I've spent several thousand dollars and, in part due to real-life issues, am not really any closer to accomplishing anything, and have had to put things on hold repeatedly.

The only thing trend that is increasing is my determination that by hook or by crook it will somehow ”get done” (If I die in the attempt, somebody better give me some sort of UFP award or medal posthumously and don’t forget my admiral’s pips, come on!). Star Trek made me a better human being (I think) and if I have any say it’s going to keep doing the same in one form or another. If you look outside your window one might form the conclusion that nothing else seems to be working so it’s worth a shot, no matter that it’s a crazy idea. It was a crazy idea that anybody would even remember the show this far down the road or that we would all be talking into communicators.

What am I talking about now? Well, I think more than a few of us are really frazzled. Working out this association thing has probably been an additional stress before we outsiders ever heard of it. More than a few of us probably have health and financial problems, not to mention working regular jobs on top of whatever else Trek we try to do. And that can make us irritable. I think something like that may be part of the problem for a lot of people. We're too tired to listen well. Personally, I'm not doing so great on speaking.

Also, part of the subtle art of e-communication is that people tend to read things into neutral comments that aren't there. Emoticons can help, but often they lead the conversation equally astray. It happens to me when I send things from time to time and it’s like: "what the heck, that's not what I said!" I'm not saying all the comments were like that, but initially I think some of the questions got interpreted as being a bit harsher than they were intended to be. So now everybody's on edge, and annoyed, and a lot of stuff has been said, and it can just go on indefinitely. And, yes, I would like everybody to stop it, but it’s not likely to happen unless people start ignoring that kind of stuff. Because someone can logon in 8 hours (or whatever) and rile the whole thing up again going over the old posts.

One of the things I have examined in my life is what various philosophical ideas were when they were first "invented" or at least recorded. Karma is one of these concepts. Now if you ask most people what Karma is, assuming they have any idea, they'll start talking about good deeds and bad that effect your fate in a later incarnation and after life. But, a long time ago, when I dug into some possibly more ancient texts, that didn't seem to be what was being talked about. Instead, karma was about the fact that our actions have consequences and these reverberate not just in our own life but after we die in the physical world.

The consequence of this idea is that by an act of choice, choosing not to cause harm, we can stop this "wheel" of karma where the consequences of bad deeds pass on from generation to generation and stranger to stranger like the flapping of those "butterfly wings" they like to talk about in movies. A whole lot of bad deeds can change the world, now we can see them every day on TV. But it’s not enough just to not cause harm yourself, you have to absorb the harm that others do to you. Stop it with your body and your mind, absorb it, destroy it.

This was my straight-forward literal interpretation of what some people think are "more original texts" than others, and it’s not my intention to derail this into a debate as to whether that's the right perspective. But is it true? Well, I'm quite sure that hate doesn't beget love, and pain shouldn't bring happiness, that terror doesn't bring peace. A couple of thousand years or so ago somebody else came up with the idea in an effort to replace the more popular "an eye for an eye", and others have in the 20th Century, in India and America, etc. I think somehow it slipped into Star Trek. Don't ask me how. In the form of that phrase "we're x, but we're not going to be x today." 'The (fill in the blank) have attacked us, but we've got our wits about us finally and we're going to play the higher card.' That Surak guy was peddling the same stuff. I'm probably repeating myself and being a bore. You guys know this already.

I don't insist everyone at every time has to absorb every hurt, just that it’s best to exercise restraint when possible. In this case, I think some people may to have to take one, or a dozen, 'for the team'. Otherwise the point will clearly be made that we're all angling to end up a bunch of cranky old buzzards.

I'm glad that other people are joining The Association (tm!). But there are a lot of talented Trek people here, and the lions tend to hunt gazelles at the watering holes (don't they? It’s been a while since Wild Kingdom) so to speak. So this is one of those watering holes and the Association would have good pickings here, if they can get their foot in the door.

So, I think people's questions had a lot to do with the mechanics of how all this is going to work, and I'm not sure that's really been fully addressed (because of the fireworks). And I'm not sure how much has been worked out in terms of planning that on the Associations end. I'm kind of assuming that part of the reason it was brought up was to help nail down the details. The usefulness of the Audio people being one example of something that might not have been discussed prior. Frankly I would suggest that the fan-fiction people could be a useful part of the mix because story should be at the start of every effort.

Since the verbal jousting started so early I assume that whole part of things didn't seem to happen very effectively. And part of it, I assume, will be that people ask questions, and these get recorded and sent up the chain of command. And it’s a possibility that demand might out-strip supply, or that people will spin-off parallel efforts that are customized the way they like it.

I think that it would be a big help if everyone did their best to forget about the brawls, construct innocuous questions and give diplomatic replies. If you get angry, start running around the block until you either are too tired to be or you drop dead. Well, maybe not that much. And if you can, try to have some fun.


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