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Re: Rank the Bond actors

Connery had the magic, to be sure (there's a line from a kid in WIND & THE LION where he talks about the Raisuli and sez, 'he has the way about him' and it is as much about Connery as the character), but Dalton is who I most often see when rereading Fleming, and Dalton's two pics, divergent as they are from one another, really encompass Bond and Fleming's universe of Bond for me.

so Connery and Dalton are it.

If Brosnan had had a director like Boorman do a Bond, it would have made people reassess him, because he is a total bastard in TAILOR OF PANAMA and it is exactly how he probably would have liked to play Bond.

Moore is Bond's gay uncle, Lazenby is just too damned happy as well as lacking acting chops ...

To my eye, Craig is just utterly miscast, he should be Felix Leiter after the shark attack or second villain from the left, he is way too ugly to play Bond unless the character has lost an acid fight (possible, since this version of Bond IS a loser, if you consider that in both CASINO -- where QUANTUM makes off with the money -- and SKYFALL Bond FAILS, making him one for three.)

Between Craig and the producers, they've taken the character so far afield it isn't even Bond at all anymore, especially in CR and SF. I'm thinking they may have actually killed off my interest in future Bond, which is a helluva achievement given that my second memory in life is seeing GOLDFINGER in the theater before I turned 4 years old and that the first amateur films I made were Bond parodies.

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