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Re: Describe if you will, a "real" Star Trek battle...

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Putting aside for a moment the way combat is depicted on screen, due to the necessity of having both ships in shot and so on, what would a "real" Star Trek battle play out like given the supposed 300,000+ kilometre ranges of starship phasers and photon torpedoes, and the ability of combatants to change position at faster-than-light speeds.

A short exchange involving massive amounts of phaser and photon torpedo fire across a wide gulf in the hopes of overwhelming an enemy's shields before they overwhelm your own perhaps?

What do you think?
When it is between two evenly matched ships:
Both detect each other, raise shields and arm weapons. They close to firing range, exchange fire and realize that they're evenly matched. They call it a tie and withdraw unless one ship makes a mistake that the other one can capitalize on.
When one ship outmatches the other:
Refer to the opening battle of "The Errand of Mercy" or the USS Phoenix vs Cardassian warship in "The Wounded".
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