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Re: Are there novels which bridge TOS and Trek 2009?

Mr. Laser Beam wrote:
Logically, no. ENT is common to both universes, by definition, since Nero's incursion occurred decades after it took place.
Quite frankly, let canon be disgraced on this one, but Enterprise really had nothing to do with TOS. Even before the 2009 movie came out, when I was watching it on DVD I was finding it hard to believe that Starfleet ships of the 2150's could look so much like their counterparts of the 2360's, instead of the 2260's. So, in terms of design, and don't try to tell me that it's because TOS was based on 1960's assumptions, compared to TNG's 1980's/90's assumptions, I also felt like the producers of Enterprise were trying to shove TOS out the airlock, and say that between Enterprise and TNG, we don't know what happned.

So design wise, the 2009 movie looks like it belongs in the same universe as Enterprise. Plus, storywise, it doesn't jar you with annoying continuity questions like 'If humans had already met the Ferengi, then why did they not recognize them from the history tapes in "The Last Outpost", even though they had no name attached to them?'

Enterprise I found was done better in the books, and the books, especially the books that were written while the series was on air, tended to be more consistent with what had previously been mentioned.

Even Michael Jan Friedman's Starfleet Year One was a better prequel story for the Prime universe than the entire run of Enterprise.

But the Enterprise was not his FIRST command, was it? I thought he had command of a smaller destroyer-type ship before that. Possibly while at a lower rank, like Commander.

I'm just looking on Memory Beta---and its saying that in 2259 Lieutenant Commander Kirk was the first officer of the USS Alexander, and was forced to become Acting Captain upon the death of the Alexander's captain in a battle with the Klingon's. (Corona; Crossroad). Also in 2259 he was a line officer in command of 100 men on the planet Shad. (Covenant of the Crown).

2260 Kirk is promoted to Commander.

2261 saw Kirk in command of the USS Aloia. (Inception)

Also in 2261 Kirk was in command of the USS Oxford (The Better Man)

2262 Kirk was on shore leave for 3 months.

2363 Kirk was a Commander in command of the USS Lydia Sutherland, which was later destroyed. (Enterprise: The First Adventure) It was at this time in 2363 that Kirk was offered command of the Enterprise.

Aside from ETFA and COTC, I haven't read any of the other novels. But I also remember that in one of Shatner's books (I know it was one of the Totality books), it was mentioned that it was unusual for Kirk to be given command of the Enterprise at his young age.
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