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Re: Are there novels which bridge TOS and Trek 2009?

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Is there any indication at all, in any novel, as to what year Kirk Prime received his first command? There's nothing in the show about it, I'm fairly sure of that. It could be that prime-Kirk got his first ship at about the same time that nuKirk did!
Not likely. We know from "Obsession" that eleven years before the episode, which would be 2257, Kirk was a lieutenant "on his first deep-space assignment." Unless something similarly extraordinary happened the following year to catapult him into his first command of some ship or other, it seems likely that it took him rather longer to get to that point.

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(And, funnily enough, it has Chekov at the nav station over a year before he was seen at it on the show---this might've been an inspiration for the Abrams and company including Chekov in the 2009 movie the way they did, since there was nothing on screen in the original series or movies that said that Chekov boarded the ship after Operation: Annihilate.)
The inspiration for including Chekov in both Enterprise: The First Adventure and the 2009 movie was undoubtedly the same. I figure they both independently included McCoy, Chekov, and Uhura before the events of the second pilot (and put Sulu at the helm instead of astrophysics) because it was the familiar core seven characters that the audience would want to see. Most readers or viewers would care more about that familiarity than about the niceties of crew continuity.
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