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Re: New Senate Bill gives warrantless e-mail searches to 22 agencies

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Well, I don't know that the Founders would have had an answer for this. They would have thought high electronics witchcraft--and the idea about warrants and what not was to slow rash actions down.
In the era of cybersecurity and terrorism, you need things to speed up. To me warrant means this is what you need to actually confront and kick someones door down.

Otherwise, you need how many judges scanning 3 million e-mails with the word "bom" in them and each needs a judge to sign off on it? Now if that's your line...fine. But be willing to take the hit. And if a strike happns, who gets the blame? Well we say terrorists...unless its Benghazi and folks want heads to roll over inaction that limiting cybersecurity efforts will worsen.
That's why the founders had the alien and sedition acts. They knew aliens were infiltrating the country so they used the Masons to create an underground network to subvert their world conquering plans which are being sped up by modern technology. The Bengazi business shows how far they've come by having an Illumnatus stooge in the White House.
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