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Re: Are there novels which bridge TOS and Trek 2009?

Well, suffice it to say, when you compare that to the Prime Universe, the Enterprise was already in space by 2253 (as per Spock's line in The Menagerie about the events of The Cage occurring "13 years" before) with Captain Pike in command. So, really the only thing that connects the two universes together is possible Star Trek Enterprise, because that occurred prior to Nero's entry into the Abramsverse. But, even then it could be argued that Enterprise is more in line with the 2009 universe than the Prime universe.

In the novels it is generally considered that Kirk achieved command of the Enterprise around late-2264/early-2265. I just recently read Strangers from The Sky, and the second part occurred before Where No Man Has Gone Before but just after Kirk received command of the Enterprise. Plus Enterprise: The First Adventure takes place, if I recall correctly, immediately following Kirk's assumption. (And, funnily enough, it has Chekov at the nav station over a year before he was seen at it on the show---this might've been an inspiration for the Abrams and company including Chekov in the 2009 movie the way they did, since there was nothing on screen in the original series or movies that said that Chekov boarded the ship after Operation: Annihilate.)

But there's also the Voyager episode Q2 where Kirk's first 5-year mission is said to end in 2270.
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