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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

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Guys, I didn't want to wade into this, but I've talked to both of you in the past, and I think you're both good people. I honestly think you've just gotten off on the wrong foot here.

Alec, doubleohfive is a good guy, whose been very supportive of fanfilms, and who I've spoken with on more than one occasion.
Thanks, Nick. Much appreciated.

I think this is just a misunderstanding. And doubleohfive, Alec's absolutely genuine, and couldn't be more helpful behind the scenes. If the two of you met in the pub I suspect you'd find you have far more in common than this thread would suggest.
I completely agree - this is very obviously a misunderstanding. And I will admit - sometimes my posts do not convey accurately the intention of my meaning. Perhaps a pint is exactly the missing ingredient here with all these communication snafus.
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