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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

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This is basically what I was getting at before Linnear's meltdown. An all inclusive cooperative that everyone could contribute to and also benefit from. Its easy to see the benefits and why it would be a good thing to include everyone; I'm just not clear on why we wouldn't want to include everyone.
You still can't resist taking shots can you? You can't let it lie? You just have to claim "meltdown" on my part rather than "Sick of your arrogant bullshit". Something I continue to be. How insecure are you that you have to keep attacking me?

Whorfin posts something that should make you think and instead you take a cheap shot again.
What cheap shot? You're quoting a post from over a month ago that has nothing to do with the discussion now. Never mind that it's also a post which you ignored in favor of continuing to overreact here , which, by the way, you're doing again.

And our little group hasn't turned anyone away and is doing fine and already productions are helping each other. What this thread shoudl be focused on.

Congratulations. I'm going to try to embrace the spirit in which Whorfin posted and has advocated and continue to wish you well.
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