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Re: Was Star Trek 11 too similar to Star Wars?

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My other wacky theory is that it's the TNG era fans who are still in mourning for the whole TNG/DS9/VOY era of STAR TREK--and perhaps unfairly blame the reboot for driving the final nail into the coffin of that particular version of the 24th Century. (At least on screen.)

As opposed to us first-generation TOS fans who weren't expecting to see any more TOS shows or movies anyway--and were pleasantly surprised to have Kirk and Spock and that whole crowd back again.
Is it wired that I'm only 24 and as time goes I find I perfer TOS more than the other treks?

(Don't get me wrong I still like the 24th century stuff and Enterprise, I just like TOS more.)

I mean the universe was bigger and more dangerous and it seemed more interesting, also the people seemed more like people.
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