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I got off my lazy rump and took a couple pictures:

Here's a comparison of three different saucers:

The top is the Polar Lights 1:1000 scale kit. Beneath that is an AMT model I stopped work on 15 years ago -- I found tools I'd lost in that box! Underneath all that is the 1:350 scale saucer.
Now, wouldn't it be a hoot to actually build one that way? With the little 1/537 or whatever bridge atop that huge 1/350 saucer?

I've often wondered about layering saucers from smallest offerening to biggest, only slicing and dicing a bit as the B/C decks get layered atop each other separately, then atop inlaid saucers.

I'd like to see a drawing of what that might look like, just for fun. I just wish Kerr's blueprints had been part of the kit.
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