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They used the wrong Enterprise during the prologue with Scotty and McCoy, which was inexcusably sloppy. It's like using the Adam West Batmobile in a comic adaptation of The Dark Knight.
Oh, that's happened on a number of occasions in Trek comics and novel covers over the decades. Sometimes people choose the wrong photo reference. Like that panel in DC's Mirror Universe Saga that's supposed to be the Mirror Enterprise with a reverse image superimposed over it to show the crossover -- but the base image is a drawing of Excelsior instead of Enterprise.

And it's easy to dismiss a mistake as "inexcusable" when you don't have to do the work yourself. Anyone who actually does work in publishing knows how common it is for mistakes to slip through even when a dozen people edit and quality-check the work a dozen times each. I'm sure it's the same in graphic publishing. This kind of error in particular, where you substitute one valid thing for another valid thing, is the kind that easily and routinely slips past the brain's radar, because your mind recognizes it as a legitimate word or image or whatever and thus the red flag doesn't go off the way it would if the word were improperly spelled or the ship were crudely drawn. Sure, it's in the wrong context, but that's a harder mistake to catch when you're in the kind of editorial mode that's looking for errors in the individual words or images themselves. That's why I was able to spend seven years repeatedly rereading and revising a particular scene in Only Superhuman and completely miss the fact that I wrote "Sarkar crossed your arms" instead of "her arms" -- and why everyone else who edited and proofread it missed that too until one day I just happened to look at it with my mind in the right state to realize that I'd told the readers that a character reached out of the book and crossed their arms for them. Once I saw it, I couldn't unsee it, but it took me seven years to see it. (And it could've been anyone; it was the luck of the draw that I happened to be the one to catch it.)
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