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Re: New Cybermen Design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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... The Borg thrive for "perfection".
Did you ever think this was a lame motivation? I thought it was lame ... one of those ridiculous notions introduced by the writing staff on Voyager, it no doubt sounded cool at the time, but it hardly makes sense as a species motivation. At their introduction, they sought unique technology to add to their own enhancement. Later, the focus became "biological and technological distinctiveness". That was a healthy tool-user's interest exaggerated to unhealthy extremes by the Borg Collective. It made them both menacing and logical. But "perfection"? What is that beyond an aesthetic pursuit? Perfection is ultimately a subjective evaluation, unless you're talking about physical quantities (like a perfect vacuum).

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But what drives the Cybermen is far more primal, survival. Here's a race of people who effectively d*mned themselves while trying to prevent extinction. Getting metaphysical, you might say they lost their souls in an attempt to save themselves. They're animated corpses that can't comprehend they are, for all practical purposes, already dead.
Yes! This sounds very interesting and distinct from the Borg in the sense that the Borg were a viable, poweful, almost instinctive force of nature with nothing short of demigods as natural threats. The Cybermen always used to teeter on the edge of oblivion.

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A Borg can be "unplugged" from the Collective and in various circumstances, become an individual again. Various eps of "next Gen'" and "Voyager" have demonstrated this. The success rate in reversing full Cyber-conversion is far, far less. You're just so much walking long-pork.
Yep. They flirted with this in that Torchwood episode. And again with Craig when he proved love conquers all. But I think you're confusing your species-level metaphor with the individual when you suggest each Cyberman is walking dead. As a race, the Cybermen have been clinging to life since their introduction ... beaten down by the universe itself and almost, but not quite, driven to extinction. They're past their expiration date, but hanging around in the fridge of life only through shear luck and unmitigated gall. But each Cyberman is different, and there might be some dramatic gristle to chew if you can fish out some viable morsels from that old bowl of Cyberstew.

I'm reminded of the final episode of Galactica:1980 when I think I'd love to see an episode where the Doctor encounters a lone Cyberman and tries to rehabilitate him. Her.

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