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Re: Star Trek Author's black list?

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Sometimes the byline IS very important. Diane Duane's Trek works got me into her original stuff, and by now I've amassed a fairly large collection.
And that's a great thing, supporting your favorite Trek authors with their non-Trek stuff is definitely the thing to do. I've done it with both KRAD and PAD as well.

However we are still a minority inside a minority inside a minority. Your average consumer only watches Star Trek occasionally. That's the majority. Of that is the minority which is dedicated to Star Trek and watches every episode and movie. Out of that is the minority that buys Star Trek novels. And out of that is the minority that follows specific writers in both their Trek and non-Trek writings.

That's why KRAD's saying the author doesn't matter of a tie-in novel; it's all about grabbing that non-regular reader in the consumer majority. That's the way to expand your sales beyond the minority fanbase and have a big success.
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