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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

My best friend and I would enact our own extemporaneous episodes in the basement, backyard, or my room. In each area, I would set up my battery powered boombox with the Trek music (all on cassette), any scores released to that point, to include all the GNP releases, Label X, and Varese Sarabande scores and the then incomplete movie scores (I-VII) and play out those cues to punctuate what we were imagining. For those cues that were unavailable, such as the recent sample from Catspaw, "Mace Fight", Enemy Within music, and all the other unreleased scores I would attempt to record from TV or later from the discrete audio tracks when the 2 episode DVDs were released for our use. Such a dream come true to finally have the COMPLETE tracks, library cues, and the musically created sound effects. I not only look forward to hearing these tracks in the clear but also reading and savoring the massively researched booklet authored by Jeff Bond. Used to cull his Music of Trek book for all the TOS cues, their names, and the episodes in which they were heard and read all the interviews with the original composers for insight into their timeless work. Again, much gratitude to all who contributed and enjoyed listening to the interview on the way to work this morning.
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