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Re: Most unjustly hated episode

Glad to see I'm not the only one to like "Move Along Home."

Now on to my point of disagreement with you:

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
Seven's robotic personality can be explained by the age at which she was assimilated.
Yet Hugh was either assimilated so young that he remembers nothing else (even Seven has some memories), or he was born into the Collective.

This fact would seem to help my argument rather than yours. Seven had some vague memory of humanity to draw upon and that should've informed at least a few of her responses. Yet she was robotic in personality.

Hugh had no such resources in evidence, and may not have ever had a personality of his own at any point in the past. Yet he exhibited much greater depth of emotion than Seven. Not always mature (much as I love the character, it was pretty immature when he went off on Riker in "Descent"), but I would say he was much further along emotionally than Seven.

And this without any of the resources Seven had, that should've put her even further ahead of Hugh. It would've made sense to see her with emotions like a child's (much as Hugh does demonstrate some immaturity), but with strong emotions. As it was, VOY basically ignored the precedent "Descent" had made clear.
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