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Re: How Many People Viewed Your “Most Viewed Thread” Here on Trekbbs?

It's threads like this which make me whip out the Search facility and gaze fondly at my inane ramblings of old.

Doing the search, I noted that I had started 186 threads - I had started more but they would have been deleted in the database cull prior to 2008-ish.

Of these, the most-viewed include the current Q&A thread in the Admirals Lounge (so far 25,527) - but that's more of a community thread for everyone rather than a thread of my own design, so that doesn't count. Last season's Formula 1 thread in the Sports forum (13,965) and the first Interpretation of Dreams thread in Misc (13,242) were viewed quite a bit.

Surprisingly, the one thread I started which received the most views (though not the most replies) was the Misc. thread about D&D character alignments (31,065 views but only 53 replies). That was back in the day when all I posted in Misc. was online quizzes and links to fluffy BBC news articles.

I think the more impressive feat, rather than having threads with the most views and replies, is threads with the fewest views. I have a Lounge thread that had precisely six views. Six.

(Funnily enough, this evening I've been catching up on shows on BBC iPlayer, and tonight's viewing include a documentary film about Donald Trump's plans for a golf course in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, which made several references to the film "Local Hero"; and a documentary about British pub rockers Chas & Dave on their final tour together. While skimming through the BBS Search facility for threads I started, I saw that one was about Chas & Dave ending their musical partnership [148 views, 1 reply] and the other was about the landslide threatening the people in the real-life Aberdeenshire village of Pennan where "Local Hero" was filmed [76 views, zero replies].)
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