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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)

6079SmithW wrote: View Post
I wonder if any of our first time watchers are watching episodes with the introduction to the show by Mal/Book that explains the basic premise. The episodes on Hulu have this but I don't think the dvd's do.
This f/t watcher is strenuously avoiding everything other than episodes.

Miss Lemon wrote: View Post

Well, if I keep watching this show, that is.
But....but...we need you, Miss Lemon

teacake wrote: View Post
He's just easy to play with in the VOY forum which goes for the surreal at the best of times.
Surreal is an understatement
"Anál nathrach, orth’ bháis’s bethad, do chél dénmha"
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