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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

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My complaint is that nobody in Miami Metro is questioning why Dexter is visiting a mob guy in prison, and why the mob guy is stalking Dexter while he's eating a sammich.

And WHY has Deb still not wondered why Dexter framed Sgt. Doakes?!
There are tremendous holes in Dexter, it takes some suspension of disbelief. Never mind the cell phone records, there is probably a camera in every lobby of every public /private building Dexter enters where someone is killed and no one every notices him coming in or out?

Look at last week's - Dex killed the guy waiting to kill the mafia dude. The apartment/condo/hotel room was a crime scene. Does anyone ever check the doorway cameras to see who come in/out and recognize Dexter? Never.

The story is still good... the holes are the same size as most other shows. LaGuetera is finally on Dex's heels. "Slice of Life." I still predict we'll see Dex kill her at the end of this season...
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