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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

Whorfin, thanks for that.

I admit, a large part of my concern and reaction in this thread was simply due to the quizzical nature of some replies and answers I got regarding what I thought were perfectly reasonable questions. With your post, I can sort of see/understand a differing perspective on why I might have gotten the answers I did (even though I also acknowledge that perhaps the reasons I did get those answers may have differed significantly from the ones you posit).

I think it is a very commendable idea to to try to set up something like this association and while yes, it is entirely true that there are those who have gone above and beyond when it comes to the commitment of time, money, effort and resources, by and large my main complaint here has been the incongruity between the established goal (as set forth in this thread's first post) of being all-inclusive, only to find when pressed for answers that this would in fact not be the case.

The fault of misperception of this situation is entirely mine, and I probably should have dialed back my replies in this thread once that misperception was finally made clear.

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