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Re: Was Star Trek 11 too similar to Star Wars?

Actually, I have no bias one way or the other regarding age or devotion to Trek (except maybe that I prefer Trekkie to Trekker). This is a case of me having a hard time fully expressing myself via text alone.

At the risk of making things worse, let me try to re-state...

Nah, I really can't. Too many thoughts on the subject to organize them properly. Here are a few random thoughts...

I genuinely feel that Trek is a universal phenomenon that could potential be appreciated by just about anyone.

I will always prefer TOS as established and more or less maintained over the last 40-ish years. Abrams re-wrote the book in an unnecessary way that I dislike from a character standpoint. It's not about age, it's that he just doesn't seem to either get it or care to get it.

I understand the value of trying to open up Trek to a new generation, but when he was trying to breathe new life into the series I wish he hadn't been smoking so much.
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