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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Okay, so 2/2 contains the same two episodes on GNP's Volume 2, albeit in the opposite order. Previously unreleased cues are:

"Amok Time"
Episode Title
Deep Thought
Prognosis/The Big Question/Message From T’Pring
Vulcan Biology/Pon Farr
More Soup (maybe -- see note)
War Sash
To the Death
Vulcan Logic

"The Doomsday Machine"
Distress Signal/The Ship Search
The Dead Ship
Gaining Speed
No Casualties
The Approaching Killer

There are a lot of discrepancies and typos on the GNP disc. The "Amok Time" program there opens with a 16-second cue called "Vulcan Fanfare" that isn't in the episode, a brash arrangement of the Courage fanfare that's definitely in Fried's brassy style of orchestration. I'm guessing this will be on Disc 5 with the library and unused cues. There's also a cue called "Marriage Council" between "T'Pring" and "Vulcan," which is distinct from the "Marriage Counseling" cue here, which is labeled as "Marriage Council II" on the CD. The "Marriage Council" cue has the same runtime as "More Soup," so it might be the same one.

Other title errors on the GNP:
"Processional" is "The Processional"
"The Ancient Combat" is "Ancient Battle"
"Approach of the Enterprise" is "Approach of Enterprise"
"Commodore Matt Decker" is "Commander Matt Decker"
"What is a Doomsday Machine?" is "What is Doomsday Machine"
"The Strange Beam" is "Strange Boom"
"The Sneaky Commodore" is "Sneaky Commodore"
"Goodbye M. Decker" is "Goodbye Mr. Decker"
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