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Re: Was Star Trek 11 too similar to Star Wars?

Greg Cox wrote: View Post

(I actually have a pet theory, based on no solid evidence whatsover, that it's actually the TNG era fans who have the most trouble with the new movie--in part because they expect something more stately and dignified when it comes to Trek.)
I've been noticing something similar at least since the time of Enterprise's original run, if not before: the most energetic disapproval of things new or different in Trek seems to come from those who really identified first with TNG (even though their earliest exposure to Trek may well have come via syndicated showings of TOS episodes during the 1970s and early 1980s.)

Based on no solid evidence, as you say, and I really have no interest in pursuing it any further; I don't have a need to be right about it (nor, by extension, to make someone else be wrong.) It's merely a thing I've noticed on occasion, while slogging through Trek-forum lectures about how "you younger people have no appreciation, blah blah blah... "
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